PBR Streetgang Interview

They’re a duo known for their superb DJ sets which never fail to get the dancefloor moving. They also kicked off The Faversham’s ‘Garden Party’ series, which still runs strong today. Yes, PBR Streetgang are one of the forefront names in house music and we sat down with them ahead of their performance at Canal Mills this weekend to chat about Ibiza, disco and Leeds…

Hi! So, first things first – you recently closed the terrace at ‘We Love…’ at Space – they posted on their Facebook saying that it was possibly their favourite set of the summer. Sounds like you’ve had a good one out at Ibiza this year?

B: I think this has been our 6th year playing on the Terraza for We Love and I think we enjoy more now than when we started!

T: Kind words from the We Love crew. This sums it up really… 7am and the terrace is going off. Happy Days!

PBR Streetgang at Space Ibiza last month…


You’ve got to admire ‘We Love…’ and their ability to mix their line-ups. Having Rudimental and Ben UFO B2B Midland on the same billing isn’t a regular sighting but they seem to pull it off. What makes the night so special? Will you be returning next year?

T: Hats off to those guys, their line ups are like that of a festival. It’s been like that since we started playing. Space has a fair few rooms which differ in shape, size and from a sound perspective, so programming can be a lot of fun. I guess that’s the reason why things are so diverse. It’s always fun DJing there, this year we’re played with Rudimental, Annie Mac, and Ame. All great acts and all musically different, It’s a challenge working out how to follow or warm up for these acts on the night, always a lot of fun though!

Last time you played in Leeds was just a few weeks ago at The Faversham, it was a great set. Are you looking forward to getting back to playing in the clubs now festival/Ibiza season is over?

T: Thanks. Yeah we played in the main room at the last Garden Party, finishing things off, great fun! The GP’s are a huge highlight for us, the terrace especially is a special place!

The summer definitely becomes more festival based, which we love but yes we’re looking forward to getting back into the clubs. Especially in Leeds which is a great party city!

You’ll be hosting your new ‘PBR Streetgang presents: Lost Property’ series at Canal Mills in Room 2 on the 11th October. Could you tell us more about the venture?

T: Yes we’re really looking forward to launching ‘Lost Property’ at Canal Mills on October 11th. We’ve been promoting for nearly as many years as DJing, so you could say it runs through our veins. Our aim is to do a handful of events starting in Leeds and London with a view to expanding and attaching the brand to festivals and other cities if it all goes to plan.

The main reason for doing the parties is so we can have more control of an event: venue, sound, set up, production, etc. Plus we want to push fresh underground music, mainly people we know, no big names – the emphasis is on the party! We know and admire the Outboxx lads and Craig Bratley, and their music is top notch… it’s going to be a musical feast on the 11th!

And earlier in the summer you released the Boutique Hostal Salinas mix – do you have any more compilations/mix CD’s forthcoming?

B: Not right now, the Hostal Salinas CD was quite a big project, certainly the first one that was commercially available on a CD so I think we’ll take our time to do the next one whatever that may be.

On the back of your remix on 2020Vision, do you have any more releases in the pipeline?

B: We’re just about to start work on a couple of new remixes actually, don’t know how if we can tell you about them yet as there a long way off from release but without giving the game away their people we’ve admired for years so it a bit of a coup for us!

Would be interesting to know a bit about the working and minds of PBR… How do you approach mixing as a duo: do you take it in turns or just go with the flow?

B: When space and set up allow it we use 4 turntables and device called a Q2 which allows us to cue up tracks independently of each other – this means we can get a lot more creative and layer tracks, loops etc. on top of each other. Also we use a Pioneer RMX1000 which it’s a great tool for adding effects such as delays and also being able to fire our own samples from it too.

How does this workflow translate to working in the studio as a pair?

B: Well we like to get prepared before we come in and have some ideas and themes we want to work from so, that’s similar in that we always prepare for every gig. In another parallel it’s also great to have two of you as you can make decisions quicker, bounce ideas off each other and generally have more fun!

If you were told that you had to play one track in every single set, what would it be?

T: Hard one but maybe Chaka Khan –“Ain’t nobody (Frankie Knuckles remix)”

B: Hmmm…

Name a really underrated disco track…

T: The Chaplin Band – “El Veliero”

B: Sylvester – “I Need Somebody to Love Tonight”

And finally if you could choose one DJ (dead or alive) to do a B2B set with – who would it be?

T: Gotta be Larry Levan!!!

B: Ron Hardy

PBR Streetgang join us this Saturday 11th October at Canal Mills, alongside Waze & Odyssey, Paul Woolford, Ejeca, Citizen and more. Tickets available HERE