New Music Monday – Seb Wildblood

New Music Monday: Featured Artist – Seb Wildblood

‘Grab the Wheel’ is the latest EP released by Seb Wildblood. Seb has an eclectic mix of sounds which he incorporates in to his music. The tracks on the latest EP are a crossover between electronic, ambient, Sci-Fi and in true Wildblood fashion… jazz. ‘Grab the Wheel’ was inspired by his love for Sci-Fi films and the idea of traveling through space and time. Seb spent most of his time writing the music for his latest release whilst on planes and trains to try and capture the essence of space travel. Not only does he produce music himself but he also runs three record labels; Church, Coastal Haze and A.M.T which all bare different sounds.

After six incredible years, Canal Mills will close its doors for one final time for the final time on the 01.01.2019. Join us this Winter, as we’ll be celebrating our beloved venue with one final series. Click here for a full list of our shows.