New Music Monday – Lone

New Music Monday – Featured Artist: Lone

Debuting his EP in 2007 with ‘Everything Is Changing Colour’, Matt Cutler (Lone) has long been on the music circuit. Over the years, Lone’s sound has moved on from his early days. His latest release ‘Ambivert Tools, Vol.4 showcases his creativity and how he incorporates various genres into his music from electronica, breakbeat, house, hip hop, minimal into ambient.

The name (Lone) refers to days where he used to lock himself and hide away in his bedroom and create music for hours on end rather than going out

After six incredible years, Canal Mills will close its doors for one final time for the final time on the 01.01.2019. Join us this Winter, as we’ll be celebrating our beloved venue with one final series. Click here for a full list of our shows.