Five reasons why Modeselektor are bosses

In 2017, we’ve got a treat for you down at The Mill, with The Black Madonna, Jasper James, and the legends Modeselektor on the bill for our New Year’s Day party. It’s going to be spectacular, and to get your ears in tune for the fun ahead, here are five examples of why our headliners Modeselektor are bosses in dance music and beyond.


1. They are modern day Pioneers

Modeselektor is made up of Berlin producers Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary who came together in 1995. Initially they went under the alias Fundamental Knowledge, before reinventing themselves as Modeselektor, named after the function on a Roland Space Echo analog delay effects unit.



They were soon signed to techno label BPitch Control by Ellen Allien and released their debut album, ‘Hello Mom!’ in 2005. Since then, the duo have stunned the world with their out-of-this-world productions and psychedelic live sets.


2. they are Breaking the boundaries



It’s impossible to pin-point the jerky, techno-infused bopping jams that are packaged together as Modeselekor tracks. Their productions are unpredictable, blending elements of acid house, rap, IDM and electro into a sound that is unique to the German duo. Their weird and wonderful authenticity offers them as the soundtrack to any psychedelic acid trip that you’d find in a cult hippie 80s film, and this is exactly why we dig it.


3. Their stunning live sets

Modeselektor have always impressed with their live shows, with trippy visuals and an electric stage presence. Check out their set live from Budapest below, where they instigate a pillow fight in the middle of their performance, and Sebastian documents it all on a disposable camera. Madness.



4. Monkeytown Records

In 2009 Modeselektor launched their label Monkeytown Records as a platform to release music from themselves and other artists such as Mouse on Mars, Siriusmo, and Funkstörung.

They duo named their 2011 third LP Monkeytown and it had a phenomenal reception among critics as it featured fellow artists and friends of the duo: PVT, Miss Platinum, Otto von Schirach and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.



5. Quirky collaborations

The Berlin duo are highly influential in electronic music, having worked with a range of artists, notably Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. They claimed: “We are the reason that Thom Yorke started DJing and likes dance music.” They’ve also worked with Maximo Park and Parisian rap group TTC, creating hybrid hip-hop break-beat/techno tracks such as ‘Dancing Box’.



In 2002 Gernot and Sebastian met Berlin’s Sascha Ring, aka Apparat and got together in the studio to form Moderat. In 2009, the trio rose to critical acclaim, after the release of their self-titled album and also being voted Resident Advisor’s “#1 Live Act of the Year” for using stunning visuals by visual specialist Pfadfinderei. This year we saw the supergroup’s release of ‘III’ and ‘Live’, an epic compilation comprised of live recordings of the tracks.



You can grab tickets to see Modeselektor alongside The Black Madonna, Jasper James and more here.

Words by Jaguar Bingham