Coming up at Canal Mills: Food, drink and all you need to know about Bicep’s show

This weekend we welcome barnstorming Belfast duo Bicep to Leeds as part of their live tour, alongside some very special guests – but first, our monthly food and drink event Brandon Street Night Market returns.

We’re very excited to welcome Little Bao Boy, Mor Mor and Oh My Glaze to our monthly food and drink showcase, Brandon Street Night Market for one of the most varied food offerings to date. From Japanese bao to the most divinely glazed chicken, to some of the very finest eats from the East – we’ve got you covered. This, coupled with an incredibly varied beverage selection to help wash down the fantastic food and quench the end-of-week thirst will have us set for a fantastic evening on Brandon Street this Friday.

On Saturday, we welcome arguably one of the most exciting electronic acts in the world at the moment in Bicep, who are on hand for a live performance of their self titled debut album.Their rise from bloggers to DJs can only be described as meteoric, topped only by releasing their debut album this year with widespread acclaim coming from all corners of electronic music and beyond. Their story is now one which is pretty well documented, but for those who don’t know, the duo who started their work through their Feel My Bicep blog, showcasing their rare discoveries and eclectic record collection, have been catapulted right to the top table – with a tour that spans the width of the globe, from New York to Tokyo (and of course Leeds!) amongst multiple European destinations.

Having made their last visit to Canal Mills for Mono_cult’s 10th birthday celebrations in February, they return with an exciting billing including fellow Belfast native Hammer, as well as Alan Fitzpatrick, George FitzGerald and Grainger in the Main Room. Catch them dropping the then-unreleased Aura from their debut album to a rapturous response in our main room here! Whilst ‘unreleased Bicep’ became a running joke for tracks such as Aura on music blogs and social media channels throughout 2017, it led to a high degree of anticipation for their long-awaited album. Despite this, the boys duly delivered upon this last month, when it was released on Ninja Tune in September. Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite selections, releases and edits from Bicep over the past few years – along with set times and key information for this weekend’s proceedings…



Set times for this Saturday…

Our favourite picks from over the years… Enjoy!