Canal Mills Recommends #5

Mount Kimbie – “Love What Survives” (released 8th September 2017)

The duo are back at it again with a recently released album Love What Survives. The album shifts from track to track with some collabs with King Krule and James Blake, amongst others, taking you from an electronic buzz to ambient soulfulness.

Artwork – “Let Go of This Acid” (released 13th October 2017)

The party-starter, Artwork, brings house-disco-techno blend to his latest release Acid Lines and it’s a going down a treat. Hear him at our New Years Day party at Canal Mills, joining Skream, Hunee and Midland to name but a few!

George Fitzgerald – “Burns” (released 17th October 2017)

How could we not mention George FitzGerald here. A slow riser, his new single ‘Burns’ is just what we want to hear and he’s teasing us while we hope for a full album coming up!